Monday, January 14, 2008

COW #106

Well, I got totally spanked in last week's contest. The guys on that forum are working on a totally different level. However, as there's no n00b section, it looks like I'll just have to step up my game.

Here's this week's entry. The theme this time around is "Glacier Terror."

Link to the thread here!

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Blogger Ryan Cole said...

Try stepping up the atmosphere and the objects in the distance (mountains and the glacier as it recedes to the distance). I realize that in terms of atmosphere, detailing can be more limited, but no matter how far back a background object becomes, it retains the same level of skill that makes up the rest of the work (stay with me, I'm paraphrasing Geordie on this one). If objects take less skill based on distance, shouldn't the foreground look better than the main subject in between? I think not. From right to left you've got a lovely render of a glacier, this...this fucking fantastic monster thing, then everything looks a little more brushed and blobby as it goes. Those mountains are so eroded they look like they just submerged from a thousand-year flood.
Is that what you want Mount Vesuvius to think that's what distant mountains look like? The former citizens of Pompeii would scoff if something like that went off!

All in all amazing stuff though man. Just step it up like you always do, and you'll have the CA guys beat in no time.

January 17, 2008 at 10:02 AM  

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